Ankush Welfare Society

The name of the organization shall be Ankush Welfare Society. It is a Voluntary Non-Government, Non Political, Non Sectarian and Non-Profit making Organization. Ankush Welfare Society has a very strong goal of improving the Educational awareness among the rural people, child labour elimination & mainstreaming, non formal education for the above school ages. Identification of drop outs-establishing the bridge course center for their mainstreaming. Women welfare & child development activities. Old age persons welfare activities. Widows & orphans women care & support. Handicapped welfare. Income generating training for the youth through providing education, giving care, love and support, Strive to provide opportunities and made them self reliant. Additionally, it promotes empowerment of rural community people in various areas affecting humanity.



Enhancing livelihoods among the young people living in the rural areas,

Rural Development

Interventions towards enhancing socio-economic and cultural status …

Child Rights

Towards promoting and facilitating the rights of the children across the project

Science & Technology

To create massive awareness among the rural communities….

Health Interventions

Ankush Welfare Society has facilitating various health related project interventions

Women Empowerment

Towards economically empowering the women community living in the